Virtual Reality (VR)… PATKOL’s New Dimension for Factory Visit




Virtual Reality (VR)… PATKOL’s New Dimension for Factory Visit



PATKOL is renowned for being an engineering Company specializing in providing quality refrigerating and food processing machines, ice making machines, cold storage rooms, freezing systems for liquid products such as pasteurized and UHT dairy products, energy drinks, beers, fruit juices and drinking water. The Company is also keen to invent high-quality machines and equipments for use in the processing factories, producing chemical medicines and foods while developing the freezer. The Company has still remained steadfast and consistent in delivering the highest satisfactions to all customer groups by significantly and comprehensively placing the emphasis on the customers’ services.




Pioneered by a Thai, the Company has been recognized as the first successful ice cube maker of Thailand and also regarded as the leading ice maker in the key world markets guaranteed by many overseas customers in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the United States, Australia and Europe.




PATKOL’s head office is located in Prawate District, Bangkok. Its first and second production plants had been expanded with a spacious area of 30,000 square meters and operated under the name of “PATKOL Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,” located in Samut Prakan and Phetchaburi Province, respectively.





VR…A Virtual Reality for Factory Visit




A Virtual Reality (VR) is a 360 degree virtual reality simulation that requires a pair of VR glasses which is designed to support the visual simulations, sound systems or even scents for physical touch as if people were actually in the event which users can interact with that virtual image like being cut off from the real world and immerse themselves in the fully virtual world. VR is therefore somewhat a creation of an entirely virtual world.





For the above reasons, PATKOL has adopted the VR for use to help in running the business to become more agile. In addition, the situation of the new COVID-19 pandemics has caused many factories to ban unauthorized persons from entering the factories which PATKOL foresaw all those problems because it would need to bring interested entrepreneurs to visit its prototype factory as to how it is built and operated. But, nowadays, the COVID-19 has become a hindrance in taking those entrepreneurs for a visit. PATKOL therefore adopts VR for use to help build a virtual factory for interested group of people who would like to build the different types of factories, to help them see its work process and what is in the newly built factory no matter what it is a milk, ice factory or others. For a method in deploying VR for easy use, PATKOL will take VR for recording the generally environmental conditions within the factory. Thereafter, the data stored in the VR will be presented to the interested persons to see as if they were actually inside the factory. With this VR technology, it can without doubt be an excellent response to cope with the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak. Thus, PATKOL is considered an organization that foresees the essential needs to introduce the VR technology as a tool to help create the spectacularly unique experiences for viewers that many business enterprises should try this technology for use in their marketing operations to increase their interests, remembrances and participations.

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