How Fast Can You React to Consumer Trends?



How Fast Can You React to Consumer Trends?



3 Ways to Increase Flexibility in Production Frequent product changeovers have a significant impact on productivity and require equipment that can be adapted easily. Mobile and cable-free weighing solutions offer maximum flexibility and minimize time-consuming adjustments. See three ways these solutions increase your flexibility to save time and enhance margins.



1 Mobile Bench Scale Weighing ICS scales with WLAN technology and built-in rechargeable batteries can be placed exactly where they are needed at any time. They also offer convenient data transfer for external data storage or updates. `



2 Wireless Floor Scale Weighing The new Cable-Free Floor Scale offers unmatched flexibility, allowing it to be placed exactly where it fits best in your process. The scale offers an extended battery life of two years and it communicates with terminals wirelessly. `



3 Flexible Label Printing The ACM360 Bluetooth adaptor is designed to provide an undisturbed data connection between terminals and printers. It lets you print labels wirelessly from any production area for maximum flexibility. `


Why elephants prefer cable-free No matter where your weighing needs take you, our Cable-Free Floor Scale offers the flexibility you need.

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