StackTeck Offer High Technology Food & Beverage Packaging Molds for Thai and Asean Customers, Offer High Precision Packaging Mold, High Productivity Solution, Less Loss, Increase Profits.




Mr. Suthipote (Win) Limpiviroj, Authorized Sales Representative for South East Asia, StackTeck, said that StackTeck was a packaging mold manufacturer from Canada and South Korea which its products were mainly injection mold for food and beverage packaging that would focus on high quality mold technology including the productions of high volume products also known as High Precision Products and High Volume Production work. Both two groups necessarily required the use of high-precision molds and capable manufacture large volume productions. Therefore, if the customers needed an injection mold for packaging production with high precision without any distortion in dimensions and with high volume, they were suggested to think of the StackTeck’s mold.




“As a sales representative in Thailand and Southeast Asia or ASEAN region, we are happy to give advice and quickly offer solutions to customers. We also are well understandable about the cultures of customers in Southeast Asia and Thailand. In terms of the after-sales service work, we have a service team and me in the Sales Department, standing readily available to provide services within 24 – 48 hours. In this respect, we will immediately respond to look at the problem and conduct the troubleshooting at the site of our customers in a timely manner in order to prevent their loss production.  So, as I am working in Thailand and in Southeast Asia, I will be able to respond to various questions of customers quickly.”




We would like to see our customers to think that when producing 1 workpiece, even though its value might not be high, the workpiece could possibly be wasted to some certain reason, or its quality is not met as desired. If those things are happening in a large amount, the loss could simultaneously be a lot and a large amount of profit loss be, of course, involved, as well. Therefore, I would like to recommend the customers to think when producing workpieces every cycle time, they must reduce waste and get quality workpieces. So, it is recommended that highly efficient machines and high-quality molds should be selected to help lessen the loss and eventually increase their profits.




StackTeck offer various solutions packaging injection mold solutions that will help customers produce workpieces with precision and speediness, lessen the loss and increase the profits.

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