“NETSTAL (Thailand)” Officially Launched: Claiming We Are High Performance Plastic Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer From Switzerland.




On this occasion, “Asia-Pacific Plas & Pack” Magazine is honored by Mr. Prawit Yodprechavigit, Managing Director of NETSTAL (Thailand) Co., Ltd., to tell us about the company’s business operations including NETSTAL injection molding technology in responding to meet the plastic industry market in Thailand.



Can You Tell us What Was All About NETSTAL and Its Business Operations Over in The Past?



Mr. Yodpreechavijit gives his account of NETSTAL (Thailand) Co., Ltd., as being a subsidiary company of NETSTAL Maschinen

AG, Switzerland, as follows:

  • 1857 – “Eisen- & Messinggiesserei Ulrich Rietmann & Cie” manufacturing factory was found in NETSTAL (Switzerland).
  • 1945 – NETSTAL started its business operations and sold the injection molding machines for the first time.
  • 1961 – The factory in Nefels, Switzerland, was constructed, in which its head office has been located until nowadays.
  • The company has currently been expanded steadily since the past several decades to the extent of becoming a leader in the plastic injection molding machine manufacturer with high technology and efficiency in the productions and a variety of innovations.



From an old leading company from Switzerland, NETSTAL had traveled the path to become a manufacturer of injection molding machines and solutions for the production process that have been sold both domestically and exported to all countries around the world. Speaking about the field of the injection molding machines, NETSTAL has definitely been recognized as the leader in the injection molding technology with high efficiency, speed, precision and stability. Currently, we have developed and deployed strategies by focusing on the applications in the beverage and packaging as well as medical technology industries.



What is NETSTAL Injection Molding Machine Technology Which is Deemed to be Uniquely Distinguished from other Injection Molding Machines on Market?



We have continuously exerted our efforts on research and development in technology and engineering to create machines that excel in the efficiency, speed, precision, reliability. as well as convenience in using and maintenance to meet specific challenges and needs in a rapidly changing industry which consists of the preform, lid, thin wall packaging and medical device productions and these are the differences between NETSTAL injection molding machines and the other injection molding machines on the market.



As NETSTAL has Officially Opened the Office in Thailand, What is the Action Plan on Marketing, Before-After Sales Services in order to Build Confidence in the Customers in Thailand?



First of all, I would like to inform you that NETSTAL has been in Thai market for more than 2 decades and engaged in doing business and growing continuously all along and seeing a change just only in the management in 2014 when it was dissolved and merged with KraussMaffei. In 2023, the Management decided to split NETSTAL’s management once again to carry out operations on its own and, as such, a new company was established. Nevertheless, the newly established company sales and after-sales service team is experienced in providing NETSTAL’s injection molding machines for a long time and intensely trained by NETSTAL in Switzerland. Moreover, the split to officially open a new office in Thailand is indeed a turn-up to the business growth because it is the office responsible for the Asian region with more areas of responsibility. Thus, the working team needs to be expanded to support the company’s growth in this region. So, our action plan on marketing and before-after sales services has been comprehensively laid out to build confidence in our customers in this region where the overall picture can be summarized as follows:



1)     Creating and Promoting Brand Awareness:

2)     Creating the Credibility:

3)     Creating Network & Cooperation:



As for the Seminar Held Under the Topic of the “Sustainability by Innovation” from 18-19 May 2023 Which NETSTAL had Collaborated with Business Partners Such as YUDO, StackTeck and Sabic, What was the Aim in order to Build Confidence in the Customers?



In this seminar, NETSTAL had collaborated with business partners such as YUDO and StackTeck with Sabic also providing the additional knowledge. All of those companies have been involved in the plastic industry, completely run business beginning from being the manufacturer of raw materials, plastic injection machines, molds, hot runners and other production-related equipment. The main purpose and goal related to the topic of the “Sustainability by Innovation” this time is to update the industry trend and packaging technology as well as to educate and build confidence in the seminar participants.



We constantly exert our efforts on research and development in technology and engineering to create machines that excel in the efficiency, speed, precision, and reliability.

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