Real-World Education

with Innovative Melting Point Technology The Université du Quebéc à Chicoutimi (UQAC) is well known for its quality of education and focus on practical training in state-of-the-art labs. The addition of an Excellence Melting Point instrument from METTLER TOLEDO provided the latest analytical technology and a powerful educational tool.


Tommy Perron, the Lab Manager for the UQAC Fundamental Sciences Department, works with teachers and technical assistants to provide applicable materials and experiments in the lab. He ensures that the experiments relate to real-world applications and that students become familiar with instruments that they are likely to use during their careers. Always looking for the latest technology in laboratory instruments, Tommy and his colleagues often travel to lab exhibitions and trade-shows to see the latest developments. He heard about METTLER TOLEDO Excellence Melting Point instruments and thought they would be the perfect fit for his classroom experiments.


Innovation with Common Technology

Many of the features of the Excellence Melting Point family have been designed to support scientists working in research or quality control in the private sector. The same features make the instruments very well suited to education. In addition to optically monitoring and determining melting point, all melting point events are video recorded. Designed to meet pharmaceutical testing standards, stating that an operator must physically observe the melting point, the video log allows operators to work on other tasks while the instrument automatically determines the melting point. These videos can be reviewed directly on all instruments (MP50, MP70 and MP90).


Teaching with Innovation

Typically, the MP50 Melting Point Instrument is the ideal instrument for educational purposes, providing all the functionalities required for teaching melting point analysis. However, in order to provide an additional educational aspect, Tommy decided to purchase the MP70 instrument. The MP70 has the additional feature of being able to export these video-recordings to an SD card, which allows students and instructors to evaluate the melting process outside the lab. Multiple methods can also be stored on the instrument. The MP70 is commonly used at UQAC to teach melting point determination and to demonstrate the difference between USP and thermodynamic evaluation techniques Using the built-in method settings. Students also use the MP70 to learn how to determine unknown substances when the melting point is combined with spectral analysis results. Using the most up-to-date instruments and innovations in the laboratory and classroom has allowed The Université du Quebéc à Chicoutimi to provide teaching and training that is applicable in the real world. The use of video recording has allowed METTLER TOLEDO Excellence Melting Point to support UQAC in achieving their goals.


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