Automatic Injection Molding Machines With Robotics Innovations





Wittmann Battenfeld from refreshing its product line. It recently shared information on new products and upgrades it has made across its portfolio of injection molding machines, automation systems, and auxiliary equipment. Available as a package with the EcoPower  and SmartPower injection molding machines, the Ingrinder system integrates an advanced granulator and sprue picker with the press itself  works best as a solution for smaller injection molding machines integration provides cost savings through  a more efficient grind and smaller footprint.




Wittmann Battenfeld adding new features to its R9 robot control system programming function and ergonomic vertical touch screen pendants. Other new features have made the R9 smarter and more error-proof through the addition of Replay troubleshooting and the incorporation of anti-collision features. A digital twin simulator helps users better simulate complex processes ahead of time to more accurately predict outcomes.




The newest product lines are Mold Area Protection (MAP) and the Internal Air Cooling System (IACS). MAP is used to prevent condensation on the mold surface. This allows for cold-water temperatures. The IACS improves the quality of blow-molded products by exchanging the internal cavity with cold air during the cooling phase, which reduces thermal stress on the material and shortens the cooling time.

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