Tiny Metal Particle Detector That Meets International Standard


Established in 2015, Access Service Mind Co., Ltd., has been engaged in the business operations on the distributions of machineries imported from Europe for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and plastics manufacturing industries while being trustful by many leading food and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Thailand. The company adheres to the principle of giving the importance on the after-sales-services to support the needs of customers in Thailand.

On this occasion, Miss. Nongluck Yankay, Service, Overhaul Spare Parts, presented the CEIA brand THS/PH21N Tiny Metal Particle Detector from Italy and reveled  the distinctive property of this goods contaminated tiny metallic foreign object and tiny raw material detector as that its structure is made of fine stainless steel which will  not be rusty throughout its lifetime and that it is widely used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries. In the step of the product packing inspection or production process, the metal detection error is very low. The device can detect products containing ingredients or contaminants of metals rapidly with high efficiency and precision because the advanced technology is deployed in detecting metal on conveyor belt inside the packaging or different kinds of product materials with frequency suitable for all working environments. So, it is a  pivotally essential  machinery equipment in the manufacturing factory industry which, in that, it can create a safety standard for the production process steps and help promote a good image for the organization and trust in the decision making to purchase the products of the consumers.


On the matter of the after-sales-services, we provide a product warranty for a period of 1 year and 6 months. In this respect, our Team of Engineers with more than 10 years of experience and expertise will be dispatched to tackle the problems. Our Team of Engineers is sent for training at the overseas machinery manufacturing factory every year. We will not pause in developing personnel and  finding modern tools and machines to serve our customers’ needs and in upgrading the customer’s companies to be modern and in reducing their costs of production to meet the international standard level.

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