Technology from Skin Pack Helps Extend Products’ Lifetime, Make Products Safe for Use and Look Nice

Established in 2014, Quality Sealed Co., Ltd., has been engaged in carrying out business on packaging products for food products and others related to packaging as well as the developments and manufactures of high-quality films for food packaging, particularly, of processed meats and frozen packaging to make the package look nice and be able to preserve foods effectively. We select only quality products to enable our customers to enjoy using quality products and suitable for their products.


Mr. Thamrong Kiatbanlue, Executive Director of Quality Sealed Co., Ltd., has, on this occasion, presented the CAVECO-YPSILON automatic skin pack machine imported from Europe. The machine is suitable for packaging work that needs protection, safety and nice looking in food products in finished trays whether plastic or paper trays for packing all types of fresh and frozen foods. The distinctive property of the machine is its small size, yet, with its production capacity equivalent to those of the large ones. Because the machine is of a small size, the air compressor and electrical systems are therefore miniaturized to a small scale, thus, the energy is less consumed, but, with the output remaining at the same level. It also helps to economize the usable space in the factory. The machine operation is  a packing method by using vacuum system to be the plastic sucker down to coat workpieces laid on papers without any requirement to make  a mold. The product itself will act as the mold, thus, helping to reduce the costs and packing process. In packing products by this method, it will enable us to see the products with a nice look. It will always keep the products fresh and make it convenient to move them. This machine can respond to the needs of entrepreneurial enterprises ranging from SMEs up to the medium-sized factories.

We are experienced in food packaging for more than 10 years whether for pork, beefs, chickens, fish, seafood or other types of fresh food. We have a team of experts readily available to regularly take care of and give advices to our customers and ready to deliver the efficient machines in order to enable them to use the best thing without any worriment about the machine operations and maintenances because we have  a very experienced service team readily available to take care of them.


The entrepreneurs can trust in us without hesitation that our skin pack machines are able to truly respond to your needs, particularly, under the  current COVID-19 situation, the aspect of the packaging is very vital matter for the entrepreneurs to take into account in terms of the protections of foods or products used in their daily life to be safe, up-to-date and constantly evolving to catch up with the global changing situation. Hence, the matter of packaging will be an indication of the identity of the products that we can manufacture,” added Mr. Kiatbanlue.

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