STATEC BINDER’s Another Important Step and Its Response to Meet Modern Bagging Work in Thailand.




STATEC BINDER’s Another Important Step and Its Response to Meet Modern Bagging Work in Thailand.




STATEC BINDER, a company based in Gleisdorf, Austria, has over 40 years of experience in packaging technology and has been recognized around the world. With its continuous development and proven increase in the technology efficiency have made STATEC BINDER a leader in the new innovative packaging concept. Thus, it is considered one of the leading suppliers of high-performance in open-mouth bagging machines with a precision. STATEC BINDER has developed, designed and assembled all bagging machines and palletizing systems in the ISO-9001 certified factory in Gleisdorf, Austria. Currently, more than 1,500 packaging machines and palletizing systems have been delivered worldwide and installed to the satisfactions of customers. STATEC BINDER’s machines consist of two product groups which are: the High – Performance – Bagging Systems for use in bagging materials such as plastic pellets, animal feeds, rice grains, plant seeds, sugar, fertilizer and the other group the High – Performance – Palletizing Systems which are all types of automated bag and carton pallet conveying systems that can work in conjunction with robots.




On this occasion, “AsiaPacific Plas and Pack” Magazine had an opportunity to talk with Mr. Gerhard Steinmayr, Executive Manager KeyAccounts Area Sales Manager AsiaPacific, STATEC BINDER GmbH and Mr.Attawit Armincen, Managing Director, SB (Thailand) Co.,Ltd, about the business operations of STATEC BINDER in Thailand.





“Following the global business impact as a result of the COVID-19 virus pandemic situation, STATEC BINDER in Austria has highly been prepared to provide supports on the machineries or technologies to customers in Asia and Southeast Asia, whether it is on the aspect of the stocks of the machineries, spare parts, or even various technical supports. We have a Team of Engineers being readily available to provide assistances and work in collaboration with the local Team in each country to closely take care of our customers. At present, we have sales offices and agents in Asia and South East Asia including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam , Myanmar and Thailand, thus, enabling us to provide comprehensive coverage together with our local Teams in taking care of our customers in full 100% by using remote system technology in the computer screen that can help our customers in working and troubleshooting immediately regardless of any occurring situation. By this service nature, customers can trust the provider of technology to the users that it can solve problems in the event of an emergency. This is considered a remarkably strong point of STATEC BINDER in providing technological supports to customers.”




“STATEC BINDER opened its sales office in Thailand in 2012. At a steady pace of the increase in the customers’ growth rate, it is extremely necessary for STATEC BINDER to add more customers’ care teams which not only are just in the Thai markets but also in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia that also account for the growing customer base. As a result, another sales office is set up in Malaysia that has been designed to look after our customers in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, as well,” said Mr. Steinmayr.




“STATEC BINDER in Austria is currently a bagging machine specialist. If any user groups should deploy the bagging process, those group would all be deemed to be our target groups no matter what it is a matter of the powder, granules and pallets. STATEC BINDER in Austria has an R&D center that continuously develops the products in order to make the bagging machines and palletizing systems suitable for the production process in each application of the customers as much as possible. STATEC BINDER has mapped out a plan on the online service system to serve customers long before the outbreak of COVID-19. Meanwhile, the Austrian STATEC BINDER, has developed the digital system which is the real-time transmission of production data to mobile telephone system that can make it easier to control the operation at wherever it is located.”




“The bagging machines under the STATEC BINDER brand have gained a lot of attentions in the Thai markets where most of our customers are major national manufacturers. What makes our bagging machines and palletizing systems so reliable has actually begun from the brand of machines. STATEC BINDER is indeed a brand recognized worldwide because our machines are quality machines that give efficient precision with high technology. Moreover, STATEC BINDER has a team to provide services at all times and coupled with the fact that we have kept the stocks of all genuine parts at our sales office in Thailand, so, our customers do not have to be worried about the parts,” recapped Mr. Armincen.




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