Premier Tech Launches TFFS Series Aiming at Petrochemical Group…Ready to Become Automatic Packaging Machine Leader in Southeast Asia.








Premier Tech Launches TFFS Series Aiming at Petrochemical Group…Ready to Become Automatic Packaging Machine Leader in Southeast Asia.





Premier Tech Systems & Automation (PTSA) is a Canadian company with HQ based in Riviere du Loup (close to Quebec City). PTSA is one of the leader manufacture for industrial Packaging Equipment. Premier Tech offers a wide range of equipment such as industrial scales, automatic bagging machines, robot palletizers and pallet wrappers to support the growth of customers. Premier Tech accounts for 98 years of experience and know-how while integrating innovative and high-value systems, leveraging the full potential of robotics. As world leaders in the manufacture of packaging and processing equipment, Premier Tech is well known for their Chronos and Slootweg brands.
















Mr. Didier Nguyen, Sales Director, South East Asia, Premier Tech Systems and Automation Ltd., stated that, Premier Tech is a global company with a worldwide presence, with factories and Sales and Service offices. Being local translates into tailor made offers, but most importantly, customer support throughout the life cycle of our equipment. Premier Tech brings its expertise in 5 targeted industries which are Nutrition, Agriculture, Organic, Petro-Chem industry and Customer Service.





A Show of TFFS Series – Tubular Form Fill and Seal Baggers:





TFFS Series is an automatic Tubular-Form-Fill-Seal bagging system machine with a compact size that helps save the production costs ideally suitable for packing plastic pellets and chemical products. The capacity of this equipment is up to 2,200 bags per hour.TFFS Series can pack product such as Bulk specialties, PE/PP pellets, solid fuel, salt, pigment, masterbatches, compounds etc… was designed to have:













  • High efficient weighing control system
  • Small footprint
  • Fast change-over time
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy access for maintenance operators
  • Low consumption of power and air






Premier Tech with Global Acceptance:





Premier Tech has more than 4,000 equipment installed in SEA and brings its expertise and know-how in the packaging industry for more than 30 years. The acquisition of Chronos gives Premier Tech an expertise of more than 135 years in industrial scales. Chronos, which is the brand of PTSA scales, is well known worldwide, especially in SEA, contributing to the company’s growth over the last 15 years.
















Mr. Nguyen further added that, Premier Tech has its R&D center based in Italy. In order to be closer to the customer in SEA, Premier Tech decided to transfer knowledge, know-how and technology to the Thailand factory where are now assembled Scales, Automatic Bagging Machine, and Robot Palletizers. The level of standard for machine manufacturing are the same as in Europe, especially when talking about safety: PTSA equipment have high level of safety.





“Premier Tech designs the production line and automated packing to meet the needs of our customers. We build equipment to help bagging and packaging operation for specific industrial product such as chemicals and mineral. We can also help our customer to build Total Cost of Ownership in order to justify the level of investment.”





Complete One-Stop Service:





Premier Tech is a Global company…with local presence…so Premier Tech claimed itself being “Glocal”. For SEA region, 10 Sales Engineer to support customer projects with support from Application and Engineering Team. On the aspect of the after service or Client Solutions, Premier Tech has dedicated 23 Customer Service team members to serve customers in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. Premier Tech provides wide ranges of services which are included Hot Line 24/7, Preventive Maintenance Program, Retrofit, and Training.  In addition, Spare Parts storage is located in Thailand, central hub to serve customers in Southeast Asia for shorten delivery time.





Mr. Nguyen made his recap saying that, Premier Tech is a leading globally -recognized manufacturer of automatic bagging machines:

“Automation is not a trend anymore, it is a must! let our expert talk to you and advise best solution for your project!”


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