Article By: Ms. Thananan Jindakitskulchai, Marketing Expert in Industrial Sector


In the previous two articles, the main content was about the principle and theory of circular economy and the three major giant companies in beverage industry, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and PepsiCo in their business policy on circular economy. They have rolled out and implemented the policy to align with consumer demand trend in the way to save environmental and at the same time initiated new business for sustainable growth.


However, in this circumstance of Covid 19 pandemic globally,the consumers aware and concern of hygienic matter. The consumer behavior trends to single use packaging and containers instead of reuse packaging and containers.    This results in dramatically increase of waste from household.  We see the coffee café refused to use their customers beverage containers instead of the store coffee takes away cup.


The reusable packaging and containers may not fit in the crisis of Covid 19 pandemic globally. Please bear in mind that the environmental problem existed for long time and needed to be urgently solved.  We should not ignore to roll out and implement circular economy by government and private sectors, as the circular economy is the way to help us with sustainable growth and survival.


In this article, I would like to talk about a Start-Up company which their mission to make packaging disappear both through product packaging by localizing production in order to eliminate the transporting and the packaging associated with their products. How to?? This company created the machine to produce the flexible packaging for liquid such as drinking water, juice, sauce and condiment sachets. It’s call “ Ooho!“. The machine that produces Ooho!  on-site in the range of 20-150 per sachet, depending on the application.This packaging material is made from seaweed and plants.It is edible and biodegradable that disappears, naturally. Ooho! biodegrades in 4-6 weeks, or you can just eat it, making it ideal for on the go consumption. It could compost within 6weeks at home or at natural condition. Inindustrial compostable process may be shorter period of time. There would be no micro-plastics, and no waste for centuries. This is an alternative way to use flexible plastic free packaging for plastic free solution to waste.



Ooho! was supplied and distributed to the participants in the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon.This helped to reduce the numerous plastic waste from the marathon event. They replaced the single use plastic cups and bottles for running events, races and other sporting events.

Ooho! is a fun way to drink juices, waters or even alcohol cocktails at festivals or private events without using plastic. It looks more modern trend and provides the image of environmentally friendly events.

At this point, the reader may curious to know who created Ooho! are. They are Notpla Company, the London-based start up, UK, by using the circularity strategy of circular design and clean resource. The prototype machine was successfully employed in 2018 by the team consisted of mechanical and process engineers working closely with their team of scientists to develop the packaging materials made from seaweed and plants. The business model is to sell the cartridge, materials and ease machine to produce Ooho! at customer site as vending machine so they can produce and fill Ooho!  daily on-site, rather than taking up storage space with stock.

Their target customers are in fitness center, office, festivals, running events, races, other sporting events, and private events with a minimum order quantity is 5,000 units.

Notpla are building more Ooho! machines and will initially operate by themselves as a service for content brands, but ultimately plans to sell the cartridge, materials and lease them out to businesses to be used by their staff on site, removing the need for complex distribution channels.

At present, Notpla products are filled with cold pressed ginger juice and sold at Selfridges, London, a luxury department store. Another takes away delivery company, Just Eat, has been using them to replace ketchup sachets and pizza dipping sauce.

Notpla from the start up company at the Accelerator/Incubator stage at $31K in 2015, is very successful with the crowdfunding round in 2017. They could scale up and commercialize the Ooho! Products, In April 2020, they have venture capital at $4.93M.

As Notpla replicates the Ooho! making machine, they’ll be able to seize even more opportunities to replace single-use plastics. The business ultimately aims to help stop up to one billion plastic bottles reaching the ocean every year, and eliminate the 300 million Kg of carbon emissions that goes with them, as well as using nine times less energy to produce. The material has the potential to be cost competitive against plastic.

The key takes away of learning this start up company is their circularity strategy of circular design and clean resource to innovate the new design flexible plastic free packaging.

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