TISTR Provides Comprehensive Services to SMEs in Economic Development with Science, Technology and Innovation.




Sustainably Strengthening SMEs and Communities through the Innovation Ecosystem, Science and Technology” is the vision of Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR), a State Enterprise Agency under Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESRI).



Such vision is consistent with the Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Policy and Strategy, 2020-2027, a guiding framework for developing the country’s higher education, science, research and innovation system to cause the creation of a force in driving the country’s developments according to the direction of the national strategy, master plan, and government policy, which states: “Preparing Thai people of the 21st century for economic development that thoroughly distributes opportunities, makes stable society and sustainable environment by strengthening innovation to be at a leading level internationally and finally making the country becoming a developed country.”



TISTR Drives the SMEs Economy through Operating Framework of 4 Guiding Principles):

1) Supporting the BCG Model with the aim to create the growth in the agricultural, food, medical and energy industries.

2) Appropriate Technology Operations to bring science, technology and innovation for appropriately responding to the needs of users

3) Total Solutions Operations to answer questions on the needs of every sector in the digital age with a readiness to provide comprehensive services which, in this regard, TISTR provides services to the industrial sector of more than 200,000 cases per year which account for more than 10,000 customers, help entrepreneurs reduce the cost of sending samples for testing abroad by more than 50%, help raise the level of competitive capability and sustainable growth including providing research and development services to OTOP, community enterprises, farmers, SMEs Startup entrepreneurs in developing new products, adding value, and solving business problems with STI by having science and technology infrastructure as an important driving mechanism.

4) Area-Based Operations by focusing on responding to the needs of communities and people in various areas which is yet another move to encourage the area-based development in collaboration with agencies and educational institutes in the area, strengthen the community to be able to create added value in the form of the increased income for the community and entrepreneurs having been developed, of more than 300 million Baht per year.




TISTR Ready to Provide Services, Promote and Support SMEs Entrepreneurs to be Strong through the “Innovation Ecosystem.”



The Food Innovation Service Plant (FISP) has an aim to create new entrepreneurs. who want to develop innovative food products to markets from the stage of the product concept development to the development of laboratory-scale production technology and cultivation of the production technology, the provision of the production line services for ready-to-eat food products, beverages, analysis and testing, the evaluation of food product shelf life by using GMP standards.



Dry Food Production Line Navigation Plant which provides services for processing agricultural products to become healthy food products, such as durians, jackfruits, bananas, pineapples, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, okra, etc., by using innovative vacuum frying machines.



Co-working Food Space which is a learning center to transfer knowledge about food production and processing standard under GMP Standard to entrepreneurs. community enterprises, farmer groups.




Innovative Center for Production Industry Microorganisms (ICPIM 1) which provides services on the research, developments, productions under GMP Standard for food and health products from probiotics/prebiotics where their qualifications are suitable for Thai people, bioprocess rooms, freeze drying machine and probiotic banks.



Innovative Center for Production Industry Microorganisms (ICPIM 2) which provides comprehensive services on the research and developments of new strains of microorganisms for agriculture at the laboratory level and tests of the production processes, the expansions of microorganisms on a semi-industrial scale that can produce biological products in 3 forms which are: liquid leavening agent, water leavening agent and powder leavening agent.



Algal Excellent Center (ALEC) which focuses on the productions of algal biomass to become raw materials for sustainable use in agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals, environment, energy, the research, development, and transfer of technology, innovative production of products and services related to seaweed in a complete manner, both domestically and internationally.



Expert Center of Innovative Agriculture (InnoAg) which aims at becoming excellent in community agricultural technology, agricultural research and development services covering agricultural biotechnology, vegetables, local fruits, mushrooms, plant protections, plant production factor technology, post-harvest technology, infrastructure development to provide comprehensive economic and social services.



Innovative Cosmetic Services Center (ICOS) which provides complete, comprehensive services on cosmetic productions to SMEs Startup entrepreneurs and community enterprises to further develop research into commercialization, increase competitive potential and strengthen the national economy.



Pharmacology and Toxicology Building which provides comprehensive toxicological testing services for pharmaceutical products, herbal products, dietary supplements, food additives, biological products, medical devices and that the test results from TISTR can be registered with the FDA and can be exported.





Biodegradability Testing Laboratory (BioD) which provides services on the research, test and analysis for biodegradability in accordance with the international standards, initial biodegradability of common materials in decomposed fertilizers, soil, and water, treatment of hazardous residues in the environment by biological processes. ISO/IEC 17025 standard laboratory (Chemistry Branch, Biodegradable Plastics) from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), ISO 17088 from the DIN CERTCO Institute, Federal Republic of Germany, have registered their bioplastics testing laboratory under ISO 17088 standard with the Thailand Environment Institute.



Railway Transportation System Testing Center (RCCT) which focuses on providing services in conducting the tests on the performance and safety of rail system parts, certification of rail system products, tests and assessments of vibration safety, tests and developments of materials, brake system products, tests of bogies and developments of the bogie components, developments of materials and equipment for road work, monitoring and enhancing performance of maintenance work, providing advice, and develop entrepreneurs covering all train systems including providing rail system technology backups to every camp.



Expert Center of Innovative Industrial Robotics and Automation (InnoRobot) which focuses on the research and development, services, and transfers of technology on robot productions and raising level of the product quality in order to create businesses that make use of robotic and automated mechatronics technology, the developments of mechatronics personnel to increase the capabilities of the country’s industrial and intelligent agricultural sectors.



Expert Center of Innovative Clean Energy and Environment (InnoEn) which focuses on the research and development of technology and innovation in clean energy from biomass, including wastewater, agricultural, industrial and community wastes as well as placing the emphasis on becoming excellent on the aspect of renewal energy, environmental management, energy-related resource management, climate change, biodiversity, for integration towards the sustainable green economy and society of the country.



Center for Transfer of Applied Technology to SMEs. Special Economic Zone in Science and Technology of Pathum Thani Province supports the area developments to back up the investments in the research and developments, connect the industrial sector with the research sector, especially, in the country’s targeted industries, such as, the productions of rail system parts, parts for electric vehicles or modern vehicles, industries and services for health, food industry of the future, modern agricultural industry, biological industry, including the energy and environmental industries whereby applicants applying for investment promotions in TISTR areas will receive the additional privilege and benefit on top of the normal criteria which is a 50% corporate income tax abatement for an additional period of 5 years or an exemption from the corporate income tax for za period of 2 years, depending on the type of business.







Moreover, there is also an online customer service platform so called “TISTR JUMP” which is convenient and fast to meet the customers’ needs and helps reduce the operational steps. This will be an important channel for connecting TISTR with SMEs in coordinating – receiving and answering questions that, in this regard, TISTR provides services to SME entrepreneurs through website www.tistr.or.th (https://tistrservices.tistr.or.th/) to facilitate and expedite services to the customers.




Such TISTR’s comprehensive services to SMEs and the SMEs’ applications thereof have helped increase added value to the products and services of SMEs’ businesses as well as the potentials in the management, technology and innovation, competitiveness in a concrete and sustainable manner.


















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