Stonhard Polyurethane and Epoxy Materials for Food Factory Superior Flooring.


949 Supplies Co., Ltd. imports Stonhard flooring materials.  The company’s services begin from providing advices to  customers with flooring problems, installing industrial floors and providing floor maintenance services. 949 Supplies  maintains Stonhard’s floor installation standard because it pays attention to engineering details and has a wide range of products to solve flooring work problems by focusing on introducing a space system that can help resolve problems in the long run. The company uses Stonhard’s Single Source Warranty, which means a comprehensive warranty both on the materials and the installations.



Since 1994, the company has installed floors for the leading manufacturers in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronic industries and general manufacturing industries.


Ms. Veerawan Katanyuvivad, Marketing Manager, 949 Supplies Co., Ltd., said, the company is a distributor of “Stonhard” brand flooring materials from the United States of America, together with providing services on installing the floors in Thailand for more than 30 years. The flooring materials are polyurethane and epoxy which are mainly used in flooring of industrial factories such as foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and general industries that require a high load-bearing space, an increase in strength, a chemical  resistance or a protection of concrete floors.


he distinctive strength of Stonhard is the easiness for maintenance which can be said that, in the long term, if the factory floor area should require to be improved, Stonhard flooring materials can be reworked to the surface of the floor without dismantling the entire system or the surface repairs will bear no cut marks like the flooring which the general epoxy or PU flooring are used. Stonhard brand also offers supplementary products for customers such as crack sealing and moisture proof products including others required by the customers.


“For factories in need to improve the floors every year, entrepreneurs can request us to help improve the floors in your factory whether it is the improvements of the texture to make the floor look new. It will not take a long time for work completion because there is no need to dismantle the floor. Moreover, the floor will not create any bad smell.”




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