Smart Storage Machine Helps Save Space Reduce Time and Energy






Established in 2003, Store Master Co., Ltd., is an exclusive importer and distributor of automated storage machines from Germany in Thailand with the goal to provide supports on various spare parts or parts storages for customers and expand markets in the whole Asia region.


Mr. Thianchai Khumrasi, Managing Director, Store Master Co., Ltd., presents the automatic storage machine named Kardex Remstar Shutter XP, a high-speed lift system for goods storage by using an elevator in the middle with a tray to support the weight in bringing goods up for storing in shelves. Special property of this machine is to save space for the factories and the concept of this machine is Good to Person by using Power Pick Global software, which means that the goods can be picked up quickly and accurately, thus, resulting in less time consuming for entrepreneurs instead of being required to walk to the goods, but, it turns out to be that the goods are brought to us. This is what we have invented in order to truly reduce wasted time and working time of the entrepreneurs and their employees as well as helping to save energy, reduce product loss, find the goods items easily. Spare parts are stored in safe and suitable locations 25 millimeters apart from one another. There are many sizes of storage machine to be chosen from, as suitable, with the width ranging from 1.2 meters up to 4 meters. The maximum height of the machine is 30 meters, but, the sizes being well responsive are 3 meters and 6 meters. The shelves can be added if customers should feel like to increase the storage capacity after using them for a period of time. We can add more shelves to our customers’ needs without affecting the other storage shelves and spare parts having already been stored.


For the reason that we have been certified as the Asia Pacific Kardex Remstar Professional Technical Company in a variety of reliable services in Southeast Asia, we therefore provide our trustful after-sales-service around the clock every day. Our services provided are in full forms whether in designing spare parts storage cabinets to suit our customers’ spaces as well as installing them and provide the relevant training by our experienced engineers. We provide full services to the customer to ensure that our before and after sales are best responsive to the needs of our customers.


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