Response to Liquid Filling Problem with Automatic Packing Machine

Response to Liquid Filling Problem with Automatic Packing Machine


    CT Super Sales and Service Ltd., has been engaged in the business of importing and distributing  all types of packaging machines, automatic filling machines, semi automatic packing machines, date printers, chemical filling machines, packing machines on food, pharmaceutical production lines and consumables. In addition, services on the repairs and consultations on all kinds of packaging machine problems, modifications and rebuilding of the machines are provided together with installing them at worksite and carrying on operations mainly in accordance with the customers’ requirements.



Mr. Sunisa Namjumjang, Assistant Sales Manager, spoke about the automatic liquid filling machine that its special feature is fully automatic; able to seal the lids and convey the bottles out automatically. All steps of actions can be completed in the same machine; the machine is easy to operate, not complicated for use; equipped with a touch screen displaying the processing result as to which step the machine is working. Its working speed is 10-40 bottles per minute or 2,400 bottles per hour. Sizes of the bottles can be adjusted according to the needs of the customers provided that the minimum is 19 mm. The machine can pack water, cough syrups, dipping sauces, soft drinks or all other liquids with the error of about 1% that may be caused by the bottle position misplacing or a problem caused by worksite. Nonetheless, this liquid filling machine still has good feedbacks from entrepreneurs making use of the machines which can well respond to the needs of the food and the packaging industries.



On the after sales services, we provide a 1 year warranty for our customers.  However, we will continue to provide services to our customers even when the warranty period has expired without requiring them to buy the insurance again consequently resulting in them to have confidences that the Company will take care of the machines throughout their lifetimes. If the service personnel whether our Engineers or Technician Service Team are to be mentioned, they all have many years of technical know-how and experiences and can provide services to customers in all areas. This is what it makes us different from others in terms of gaining trust from our customers on the after sales service from our Company.


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