Ready Meals Packaging How to Optimize Fill Quantit


A leading producer of meat delicatessen products has harmonized its fill-quantity monitoring systems at all of its processing sites to reduce overfilling costs and simplify reporting.



The German company is a leading supplier of delicatessen items in Europe with multiple production sites. The company wanted to harmonize existing solutions to enable standardized reporting. Ideally, this would be accomplished through a direct interface with SAP while allowing customized, sitespecific process control.


The company chose FreeWeigh.Net® SQC software connected to static weighing platforms. They experienced:

  • Significantly reduced overfill costs
  • Easier legal filling compliance
  • Standardized and simplified processes across multiple sites
  • Full integration into SAP


The Challenge

Previously, statistical quality control was carried out on a site-specific basis. Although all six production sites were mapped in SAP, each had its own monitoring system. The company sought standardized fill-quantity monitoring that could cover all sites to help optimize filling processes. They also wanted to harmonize existing solutions to enable standardized reporting via SAP while ensuring that they could report site-specific filling trends and statistics.




The Solution

The company invested in the METTLER TOLEDO statistical quality control solution FreeWeigh.Net® combined with static bench scales. Easy connectivity with dynamic and bench scales allows FreeWeigh.Net® to deliver reliable data and analyses for everything from straight forward manual sampling to 100-percent quality control. FreeWeigh.Net®’s ability to store process parameters for every product means that deviations are quickly detected. These tolerance checks and trend management means overfilling costs are minimized.



The Result

Thanks to FreeWeigh.Net®, the delicatessen producer now has a fill-quantity monitoring system that produces relevant statistics for each site via the DATA IO module and SAP connection. The modular design of FreeWeigh.Net® has enabled each site to implement its own specific version adapted to local fill requirements. This not only ensures compliance with minimum quantity monitoring but also optimizes fill quantities company-wide. Savings achieved will allow future investments in other high-impact process areas.


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