“Polyplastics” Launches New Type of Fine Powder Engineering Plastics to Support Many Types of Processing


Polyplastics Group launches a new type of fine powder engineering plastics which is compatible with a variety kinds of production methods. The Company has expanded its production line with DURAST(TM) powder which can go beyond the conventional injection molding and extrusion with the target for the productions of complex parts in small quantities using the crystal combustion molding, compression molding and 3D printing. DURAST(TM) powder is made from polyoxymethylene (POM), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and liquid crystal polymer (LCP) having a unique spherical shape which are regulated to allow for a narrow and fine particle size distribution (10-200 µm). Fine powder engineering plastics were allowed for use in the manufacturing methods which previously could not be made with granular shapes, thus, resulting in the strong point of the engineering plastics and their other performance characteristics to be obviously apparent. Polyplastics developed these fine powders after the extensive research and testing of powder production methods had been conducted.

Polyplastics is successful in making POM becoming the powders with low glass temperature condition. In addition, the modified DURAST(TM) POM which is slowly crystallized is useful for 3D printing. It is also warped at lower level in the SLS version, but, superior in the ability of powder flows, thus, resulting in the model density greater than 95%. DURAST(TM) PPS can be used in molding porous structures through forming from the crystal combustion to be a linear PPS with high toughness and heat resistance and chemical and radiation resistance. Due to its low ionic content, DURAST(TM) PPS can therefore withstand against the stringent electrical requirements. DURAST(TM) LCP provides superior vibration absorption with high heat resistance and high flexibility in it that can adjust the constant dielectric value. In addition, it can exhibit low water absorption and stable electrical property at high frequency. DURAST(TM) LCP is available in both shapeless powder and spherical powder form

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