Mitr Phol Comes Up with a New Look to Sugar Bottles That Can Be Reused in Many Ways, Help Reduce Plastics Waste, Jointly Change for a Sustainable World.

Mitr Phol, Thailand’s Number One Sugar Brand, is committed to operating its business to create sustainability and adhere to the Customer Centric Principle in developing and presenting new products to always meet the needs of consumers together with getting readied to launch the newest design of sugar bottle packaging designed in a minimalist style, being convenient to use and environmentally friendly, raising idea of inviting everyone to take care of the world by reusing sugar bottles in various ways under the Concept of “3 Ds” in order to join in passing good things onto consumers and society.





Good for the World: The newly designed sugar bottles produced from recyclable plastics where both the caps and bottles of which can be recycled, are also resistant to heat, humidity, and shock, so, the bottles can be reused whether for refills or reuse for containing other condiments. Every 1 million bottles reused will help reduce plastic waste by more than 17 million grams.




Good for Us: With newly designed bottle cap for easy to use, “filling, twisting to open, pressing to close, is convenient” that can be opened on 2 sides with a hole added for estimating the amount of sugar, thus, making it more convenient to add sweetness as desired. In addition, the bottles can be stacked without fear of falling. With a locking design between the cap and the bottom of the bottle, the needs of a condo or a house kitchen with little space can then be excellently answered.



Good for Heart: Every detail of the design attentively made with a unique, square-shaped bottle with rounded corners makes the bottle look tenderly beautiful and modern, compatibly responding to the trending minimalist lifestyle which is actively forthcoming and matching the home decorating trend of consumers. You can also DIY it for further use as desired because the labels are designed to be removable, together with a submersible pump strip for attaching a sticker to indicate the type if it should be reused for containing the other condiments. Other than making use for a variety of purposes aforesaid, the bottles can also be placed for decorating dining tables, kitchen, or various spots perfectly.



The development of the newly design sugar bottles which are easy for opening, refilling and reusing in many ways from Mitr Phol this time, has reiterated the determination of Mitr Phol Group to develop the products and operate businesses that aim to maintain a balance of the economy, society and the environment and to jointly collaborate in creating a sustainable future for society because we believe that, in starting to make change from small things, it will be able to create greater results if we all would work together.

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