Luminy PLA Resin Materials Used To Help Fight Coronavirus Crisis.



The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives, communities and businesses around the world. Total Corbion PLA has therefore joined in to fight against such disastrous disease by donating Luminy PLA resin materials for the productions of Medical Devices and Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) with 3D printing.


In addition, Smart Materials 3D in Spain has initiated a project to use PLA resins for the productions of PLA fibers, and that in working in collaboration with Fixit, 3D Printers, IMBIC and Clone Wars VLL, such PLA fibers will be transformed to become the medically hygienic masks and PPEs with 3D printing technology. All these companies give such collaborative helping hands voluntarily. The 5 tons of Luminy PLA resins donated by Total Corbion can be used for the productions of more than 125,000 pieces of masks.


Thereafter, the product distribution network will allow the masks to reach various Medical Centers and Hospitals throughout Spain within 1-2 weeks. Anyhow, for people being interest in can find the additional information via



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