Inspire Mach, Importer of Machineries in Food Processing Industry that Can Help Drive Business of Large Factory Group and Reach SME Group throughout the Country

Inspire Mach Company Limited has been in business for more than 11 years as an importer of food industry machineries and automatic packing system. Most of the machineries we are distributing have been used in food processing production lines about which the Company has knowledge and expertise and provides advice on the complete food processing industry. We also have the installation team and the standardized after-sales services by our staff receiving training and accreditation directly from the product manufacturers.





Mr. Thanidnun Yordmanun, Sales Manager, gave his account about the special properties of the ZBK200 model vacuum mixer that, it has a device for lifting and dumping products out automatically. The machine’s size is 3,500 × 2100 × 2,200 millimeters, pan’s size is 200 liters, maximum production capacity is 125 kilograms per time, maximum blade speed is 4,500 rpm and is equipped with a control panel being a rocker switch to adjust the stroke. The machine is easy to use, durable, and has a meat scooping plate for removing the meat after the work is complete, can be used for the preparations of raw materials to make sausages, meatballs, steamed banana-leaf-wrapped pork sausages, chili paste, etc. Mincing and mixing meat under vacuum conditions will protect protein and fat from being broken down, help preserving the color, aroma, and taste of the raw materials to be natural. The vacuum system will also help improve the product quality, reduce air bubbles and increase flexibility, reduce costs and increase productivity.






We, Inspire Mach, are a sole distributing Company in Thailand that selects the machineries for food processing industry in Asia to respond to the needs of customers in food industry. We can tell you that we are your best choice for SME customers across the country. In terms of the after-sales services, we have knowledge, expertise, and ability to provide advice about the complete food processing industry by our Engineers specialized in the specific field together with our installation team with standardized services whose members are trained from the manufacturer directly and are ready to serve customers around the clock.

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