Highly Durable and Lightweight Polyacrylonitrile Fibers

Highly Durable and Lightweight Polyacrylonitrile Fibers








Researchers from Martin Luther University Halle- Wittenberg (MLU), in collaboration with its partners from Bayreuth, Nanchang, and Zurich, have developed a new polymer fiber with outstanding properties which are extremely durable and also exceptionally lightweight, thus, being somewhat potential that they will be adopted for use, especially, in the automotive industry.




A team of MLU researchers, led by Prof. Ralf Wehrspohn, used a device called the ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra to analyze the fiber characteristics and eventually found that the fibers in each fiber were arranged almost in the same direction.




“The arrangement of fibers obtained by stretching and using poly-bis (Azide) as a bonding molecule has resulted in a material to be strong, durable with a high crystallinity level”.      This fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile with approximately 0.04 mm in diameter and comprises more than 4,000 micro fibers. A single line of this fiber is capable of lifting more than 30 grams.




The outstanding properties of this fiber make it suitable for use as a heavy duty technical component such as a parachute material or protective gear in the textile industry or for use as an artificial tendon. In addition, they may also be used in the aerospace and automotive industries in manufacturing rubber protectors or otherwise that will help reduce the automobile weight.




The research team believes that this material can be further developed. “Our fibers are made under the use of a design principle that they can further be used with other polymers to produce fibers with the same strength. Combining testing with the other type of polymers and the other bonding molecules can lead to the development of new materials.”


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