HEUFT Squeezer QS, a Quality Packaging Leak and Pressure Checker.

HEUFT (THAILAND) LIMITED has been in business of distributing machineries in the production lines all along with the checking technology for beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries including the installations and the after-sales services on the repair and maintenance work thereof. We have our full expertise before the end-to-end solutions is put into practice for customers. We help to keep the costs to a minimum and also create value and competitiveness and greater productivity with the highest quality to our customers.






Ms. Tanarak Tubtim, Sales Executive, gave his account on the Squeezer QS that its special property was the ability to check the micro-liquid level from a size of 0.4 millimeter or 0.4 micron by using the principle of measuring the water level added in the package and then squeezing the packaging to measure the fill level once again, while a precisely controlled amount of pressure would be applied to the package. The internal pressure would decrease while the filling level would increase if there should be a leakage. The assessment between the filling level and the internal pressure measurement even for the smallest leakage, the machine would be ready to help protect the product’s integrity as well as its stability and security. The conveyor belt would adjust itself automatically according to changing patterns. In addition, the machine can precisely check the perfection location by sensor, camera or ultrasonic technology thus, giving the best results for every application and sustainable protection on the tightness of the package as well as the quality of the products contained therein and if the package being checked should leak, the machine could sort them out immediately.







Our company is based in Thailand, so, we have a service, maintenance, and consulting team to provide supports to customers around the clock throughout 7 days (24/7). We are committed to dedication in providing quality services and pay attention to customer needs and strive to make customers satisfied. Moreover, customers can rest their assurances on us that if their machines should run into any problem, we could expeditiously and effectively provide spare parts to them.


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