“Eka Global” Aims at Developing Products for Environment and Getting Readied to Push Circular Economy Concept




Mr. Nirun Hongthong, Sales Manager of EKA Global Company Limited (EKA GLOBAL), the market leader in food Longevity Packaging innovation revealed that, currently, the trend of the “Environmental Conservation” would be the trend of the packaging future for sustainability. Therefore, it could be seen that, in the near future, the global green trend would become compulsory for every business to implement because consumers around the world, particularly, in Thailand had turned to give more importance and attention to buy products being environmentally friendly and sustainable. The survey results revealed that consumers were willing to pay for environmentally friendly products and services up to 20% more than usual, and that more than 68% of the consumers would choose to buy the environmentally friendly products and packaging. In this regard, the Company has made the products that are easily biodegradable and 100% recyclable. There is also a project to reduce the amount of the plastic used. Our goal not only is to reduce the environmental impact but also to inspire and encourage consumers including customers to actively participate in promoting sustainable development.





At present, the Company has 3 environmental products for choosing from: 1) Bioplastic (PLA) packaging produced from raw materials coming from nature, such as, cassavas, corns or sugarcanes, etc., 2) Biodegradable packaging produced from all natural raw materials and can decompose naturally, 3) Packaging produced from Post-Consumer Cycled Resin (PCR) or recycled resin. Yet, the Company has never stopped creating new innovations to provide more options for customers and to respond to the changing needs and lifestyles of consumers around the world by setting a goal to develop, at least, one additional environmental product per year over the next 1-3 years.





Nevertheless, on the matter of the “sustainability”,  “Eka Global” is pushing with full force by absolutely adopting the concept of the Circular Economy for integrating with the organization’s strategic goal including the improvement on the use of renewable energy sources and the reduction in the use of extravagant resources and the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the future.

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