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Established in 1989, Siam Golden Sales and Service Company Limited, is a distributor of all types of packaging machines and packaging-related consumables. We are firmly determined to create quality products and services as well as searching for methods to develop various systems that can suitably support and respond to customers’ needs hopefully to deliver products and services that will help facilitate our customers’ work, reduce costs, labor forces and add value to the merchandizes and products according to demands of the markets by using our experiences, technical know-how and our continuous development for the optimal benefits of our customers.



SGSK-100 Automatic Vertical Belt Conveyor Packing Machine

The distinctive point of SGSK-100 Automatic Vertical Belt Conveyor Packing Machine is that it can comfortably and easily pick and place products onto the belt for automatic conveying and bagging with the weight ranging from 10 to 1,000 ml., packaging bag size length from 50 to 300 mm., and width from 50 to 210 mm., with the packing speed of 25 to 35 bags per minute. It is the vertical packing machine used for bagging small pieces of products such as crispy pastries, popcorns, cereals, rice crisps and snacks, etc. The machine is efficient in automatic packaging at high speed and equipped with a system to prevent workpiece loss as well as controlling heat temperature in sealing and also can perform 3-side and 4-side sealing. This vertical packing machine is widely used in food and confectionery industry.



On the aspect of the ​​after-sales-service, we have more than 30 service vehicles to quickly access to and solve problems for customers with spare parts always readily available for maintenance services. And moreover, we provide spare machinery service to customers while waiting for their machines under repair, as well. “All kinds of packaging machinery that our company has distributed, we always have stock of spare parts for convenience and rapidity in the event that new spare parts are required to be replaced in order to ensure our customers’ confidence in our after-sales-service.”


















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