Plastics and Packaging Growth By Leaps and Bounds Can’t Be Stopped Despite COVID-19 Outbreak !




There has been a consistent saying that under a crisis, there will always be a chance. He who perceives and has the information will quickly reach the turning point. But, while many businesses have been affected by COVID-19 virus outbreak, yet, there are still many businesses that need to accelerate the productions to meet the growing consumers’ demands.



The coin always has two sides. By the same token, in a crisis there will always be a chance on the other side as a pairing partner. While many Thai industries have been being faced with COVID-19 virus currently on outbreak both in Thailand and around the world, yet, many of them have been beneficial from such disease outbreak. What being clearly visible is the packaging industry that accounts for significantly increased production orders, especially, paper and plastic packaging for use in containing foods for deliveries to customers ordering foods through online services during the COVID-19 virus outbreak which are currently widespread. The government has issued orders to temporarily close many business establishments: such as; shopping malls and restaurants consequently resulting in more people to order foods through online applications and change their behaviors to focus on safety in leading their lives whether it is on the matter of clean and safe packaging being free of contaminations and hygiene-related products as well as sanitary masks, medical devices and others which are all related to packaging products, in a great number with the total additional orders of more than double. The production, packing and transportation processes necessarily require the use of high-quality, germ-free plastics, to ensure the consumers that they will receive the products with most safety.



Now that, let’s take a look at the figures of the growing industries. On the plastic and packaging industry group, the total productions and sales account for a growth of over 300%. While food products and deliveries have expanded by over 400% and the medical supplies accounted for a growth of more than 200-300%, which is considered a dramatic increase compared to the period before COVID-19 virus outbreak. On the adjustments of the consumers during this period of time, even the situation of COVID-19 virus has passed over, it is believed that the consumers will still take into account on food safety and that the foods in the packaging having been passed through sterilization process will continue to be in demand to the extent of becoming the consumers’ trend in the future.




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